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Seminar topics AutoTransTech 2017

  • Transmission Control: Hydraulics and Electronics
  • Diagnostics of transmissions and problems specific to each of them
  • GM 6T - repair practice
  • DCT470 / DSG-02E / ZF9HP48 / A8LR1 / AWF8F35
  • Multi-Tronic 0AW / CAN BUS Protocols
  • Automatic transmission GM 8L45 and 8L90: operation, modernization, troubleshooting
  • CVT-7, JF015E, RE0F11A, FICJB, MFL, CVT-7W / R, JF020E
  • Analysis of the results of the service station through the budget of income and expenses
  • Assessment of the work of the department of acceptance of service stations using 1C
  • Subaru CVTs - TR580 and TR690 transmissions. Solenoid Repair Experience
  • Repair and maintenance of batteries Lexus RX400H (hybrid)