Programme AutoTransTech 2023 Antalia

AutoTransTech 2023 Technical Seminar Program

29 April, Club Hotel Sera

Seminar Topics

  1. Steve Garrett (Atra, USA): Ford 8F FWD, GM 9T FWD Series Transmissions
  2. Steve Garrett (Atra, USA): ATRA Fluid Filters Seal Systems 
  3. Evgeny Abramovsky (AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE (ATS), Novosibirsk, Russia): Transmission VT2
  4. Yahor Anishchonak (Kinergo, Minsk, Belarus): Pressure types of valve bodies of transaxle transmissions and their systems
  5. Yahor Anishchonak (Kinergo, Minsk, Belarus): Pressure types of valve bodies of Automatically controlled manual shift transmissions and their systems
  6. Karl Giguere (Matech BTA, Quebec Canada) -  Diagnostic procedure step by step. Valve body rebuild and check procedure. Cooler contamination.

All information about the seminar, lecturers and topics will be updated soon on our website, stay tuned.